iSCSI tools for Linux

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The Open-iSCSI project provides a high-performance, transport independent, implementation of RFC 3720 iSCSI for Linux.

Open-iSCSI is partitioned into user and kernel parts.

The kernel portion of Open-iSCSI is maintained as part of the Linux kernel and is licensed under the GPL version 2. The kernel part implements iSCSI data path (that is, iSCSI Read and iSCSI Write), and consists of several loadable kernel modules and drivers.

The Open-ISCSI user space is maintained on the projects GitHub account

User space contains the entire control plane: configuration manager, iSCSI Discovery, Login and Logout processing, connection-level error processing, Nop-In and Nop-Out handling, etc.

The Open-iSCSI user space consists of a daemon process called iscsid, and a management utility iscsiadm.


Our mailing list is hosted on Google Groups.

You can browse the archives or subscribe through the web interface.

View and download the source for the user space tools on GitHub.

Download releases from GitHub as well.